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Alicia operates in the multidimensional realms where light wisdom soars & miracles are abundant. With clear intentions, questions or pure desires, she allows energetic transformations & channeled messages from spirit, animals, higher-selves, ancestors, & others. She may act as a conduit to provide soul guidance in support of your aligned actions. Learn more about services by hovering on the images below.

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Have you ever wondered how you would spend your time if you could choose exactly what you wish? Join the Free to Love online program to learn strategies, reflect with journal prompts, and shift your energy with a bonus workshop!



Whether you seek guided direction, energetic shifts, or spiritual closure, Alicia's abilities offer nourishing soul-level support. Through remote sessions, she provides peaceful messages, valuable insights, and strengthened spiritual connections.

Embark on a energetic journey with Alicia offering specialized intuitive services and interpreting messages from Divine beings, like pets, spirit guides, and ancestors.  With genuine awareness, guidance can best serve as validation to what you already know.


Based on the principle that source energy can be channeled to activate transformations, Alicia will remotely shift energy towards your personal situation. You may feel tingling, temperature shifts, or other sensations while aligning to the higher intention. Blessings may be applied to aid health, family members, pets, relationships, homes, and more! Blessings are applied as appropriate.

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