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Carrying many titles from yogini to philomath, Alicia has been blessed miraculously to share intuitive messages with others. Clients have called her mind-bending and meaningful. She channels energetic blessings, supportive messages, activations, and insights. As a White Oracle, Alicia specializes in spiritual communication and energetic transformations.

Alongside this journey she has formal training in animal communication, Ghosh yoga, quantum coaching, mathematics, and energetic transmutation. Her innate talent is supported by 10+ years experience. Her ability to communicate messages across realms is insightful and specific, known to have tangible results within a days' time. Alicia continues to believe strongly in supporting animals, friends, children, and other beings.

Industry peers affirm Alicia has provided more love, information, and knowledge than ever expected. Immediately following sessions, synchronicities may begin to appear. If you're looking for an experience to help you in any way, shape or form. Alicia is truly connected to source with a genuine sincerity.

Presented by Nick Salzman, Pendulum Apometrics

Courtesy of Breaking Ink Tattoo, Hillsboro, OR


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